Equipment Rental Nogales AZ

Equipment Rental in Nogales can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be. At Vail Equipment Rentals, we are here to make your equipment rental fast and affordable. We maintain all tools and equipment to ensure peak performance and quality. Unlike renting from a local rental chain or retailer, we build personal relationships with our customers across the Nogales area. You can rest easy knowing that the equipment you rent from Vail Equipment Rentals is only the finest equipment available, that has been checked and kept up before it is delivered directly to you.


In addition to providing second-to-none equipment rental, Vail Equipment Rentals in Nogales offers training on all equipment we provide, as needed. We will show you how to use it properly and safely, so you’ll be able to finish your job in no time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If there happens to be an issue with any of the rental equipment delivered by Vail Equipment Rentals, we will deliver and replace that equipment as soon as possible. We have had more than a few customers who realized after a tool or piece of equipment was delivered that it was either the wrong tool for the job, or another tool would work better. If you ever have any questions and would like our assistance in providing you with the best piece of equipment for the project, please call us immediately at 520-481-1785 and we would be happy to assist you.

Landscape Equipment

From small projects requiring a Weed Trimmer or a Riding Lawn Mower, to a full landscaping project that requires a Trencher or Skidsteer, Vail Equipment Rentals has the tools needed to get the job done right. Speak with a friendly representative today at 520-481-1785 and we will help you choose the best equipment for the task at hand. If you’d like to browse our entire collection of fine equipment, please visit our equipment catalog.

We’ll Take Care of the Whole Project For You!

Vail Equipment Rentals does more than just equipment rentals. We employ a staff of highly trained professionals with the ability to complete an assortment of landscaping projects. We will complete the project on time, taking all safety precautions, and completed to your requested specifications. Give us a call today at 520-481-1785 to schedule a complete estimate. For over half a decade, the friendly professionals at Vail Equipment Rentals have been completing projects for the residents of Nogales, transforming dry and dusty dirt plots into beautiful landscapes that can be enjoyed by the entire family, or to spruce up a business and allow the outside of your business to match the quality of the business you offer inside.

Specialty Equipment Rentals

Equipment Rentals in Nogales AZ

When you match your project with the equipment rental team at Vail Equipment Rentals, completing your mission has never been simpler. We provide everything from simple tools such as ladders and hammer drills, all the way up to saws, routers, and anything else you may need for that advanced project. Need a jackhammer? We can help! A cement mixer? We have those too! Have the tool required to get the job done delivered to your job site. Give us a call at 520-481-1785 and let’s get started today!

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