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Fall Projects for Your Home

Fall Projects for Your Home

The long-awaited fall is finally upon us, which means the cooler weather is on its way, and with it, loads of opportunity to get outside and finally get some projects started. In Arizona, fall means the perfect whether for outdoor activities is arriving, as it doesn’t get very cold but finally starts to cool down from the scorching 100-degree heat. It’s time we take advantage and take the chance to enhance our home. Here’s a list of Fall DIY Projects for Your Home.


Build A Fire Pit


The warm Arizona nights are slowly fading away, and soon enough you won’t be too comfortable standing outside at night without retreating to the warm safety of your home. There is no better time to build yourself a warm fire pit, perfect for roasting marshmallows, hot dogs, or just to gather around and enjoy with friends and family.


Construct a Cold Frame


If you’re like many other people who live in the Arizona sunshine, you’ve taken advantage of the almost year ‘round sunny weather and have yourself a nice little garden where you might grow a variety of flowers, vegetables or other plants. Though most of the year your plants are safe from the cold, the winters around here still get down there, and your plants certainly can’t all protect themselves. Building a cold frame that surrounds your plants and allows sunlight through a glass top will trap in heat, like a greenhouse, protecting your precious plants. When the cold weather eases up, you can simply remove it and store it away till next year.




If there was ever a time to start that big or small landscaping project you’ve been wanting to do now is about the right time to get going. The heat can be unbearable, but the cool air will make the workload feel 100 times easier and fight off the total exhaustion.


Build a Path


A great addition to a backyard garden is a stone path that snakes its way around the area. You may not have wanted to leave the safety of your air-conditioned home before to get started on this easy project, but you have the perfect excuse to get out there now. You’re just trying to enjoy the cool, fresh air!



Paint That House!


Break out the ladder and buckets of paint, because it’s time to toss on a few layers. Compliment the fun fall festivities with a fresh new paint job on your home, it will be relaxing to your eyes as well as knocks out the future letter from your HOA complaining about the shade of your walls. A freshly painted house is always a refreshing change to the scenery.


Repave the Driveway


It had to be done eventually, and you certainly don’t want to find yourself waiting till the summer when you might melt into the driveway attempting to repave it. A fall repaving means the work will be done in a timelier and probably efficient manner as whomever is doing the job isn’t hallucinating due to the heat.



This is just a short list of unlimited things you can get going to improve your home for the fall. No matter what your DIY project is this fall, be creative and be proactive, and contact Vail Equipment Rentals for your equipment needs.

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