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More and more, especially here in Southeast Arizona, people like yourself have taken the landscaping and clearing out of their property, into their own hands..literally. When landscaping your property, landscape equipment is the most important part of the equation. Whether you are leveling a lot, clearing brush or putting in a garden and plant life, without the proper tools and equipment, your project and safety could be halted before you ever get started. With that, here are a few of the pieces of equipment you may need in your next landscaping project.


When it comes time to clear out property, grade a surface or just move things around, theres nothing as economical or as big of a time saver as a skidsteer.  A skidsteer loader can sometimes be used in place of a large excavator by digging a hole from the inside. The skid loader first digs a ramp leading to the edge of the desired excavation. It then uses the ramp to carry material out of the hole. The skid loader reshapes the ramp making it steeper and longer as the excavation deepens. This method is particularly useful for digging under a structure where overhead clearance does not allow for the boom of a large excavator, such as digging a basement under an existing house. Several companies make backhoe attachments for skid-steers. These are more effective for digging in a small area than the method above and can work in the same environments. Other applications may consist of transporting raw material around a job site, or assisting in the rough grading process.


This is an easy one. Trenchers by far a a huge value when landscaping your property. Whether it’s for digging a small trench for landscape stone or for installing landscape plumbing, the trencher can save multiple hours of work as well as your pocket book. Renting a trencher will keep man hours and the cost of those man hours in your pocket.


Laying turf down in replace of that hot and painful gravel? A plate compactor can even out the undulating small hills and rough patches that make tacking down turf nearly impossible. All you need to complete the project at this point, is a level and Vail Equipment Rentals offers those as well.

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