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Tools to Build a House

Besides tools to build a house, there are some other things you’ll need before getting started. An Auto cad design software is very versatile and would help you to get your house plan right and with all you need into it or in the alternative you could also use Google Sketch up Quick Guide.

The Passivhaus handbook would also come in handy for house orientation to gain optimum advantages from Solar energy gain.


Clearing the site and excavation

A 30 meter long measuring tape which would be useful to get all the right measurements around the site, demarcating where and how the site could be prepared to obtain optimum benefit from the buildable spaces.
A Laser level which could be used to transfer the right levels needed and mark the heights of the different floor levels of the new house. This could be hired when you want and which does not need to be bought.
A can of luminous yellow spray paint, which could be used to mark areas’, like the four corners of the proposed house, and other similar areas.
A roll of builder’s line that could be used to mark straight lines after you marked out the major corners of the house.
A shovel to help in numerous ways to help in getting the foundation and right up to the completion of the house, it is considered as the utility tool of the site.
Four feet or so tall wooden stakes, pointed at one end which could be used to mark out the excavation perimeter and other important areas at the site.
Bolt cutters or angle grinder to cut any steel that would be used at the site.
Concrete trowel to smooth out concrete after it is poured especially on the floor of the slab and other areas that would need to be concreted.
Water or spirit level which would give the right levels when you need this too is a utility tool.
Hand saw or a chain saw to saw through wood, planks and anything else.
A medium sized water tank so that you would always have ample of it for your construction purposes.
Block laying pins that would allow for easy laying of blocks in a straight line.
Block laying trowel, to smooth out cement and to lay bricks.
A cement mixer, for the easy mixing of cement.
A Lump hammer to break concrete blocks to size.
Pipe cutting saw.
Rasp to file PVC pipes for easy fixing.
Pipe fixing lubricant.
A pair of Pliers.
Tying wire roll
A straight level ensure concrete is poured right.
A wheelbarrow.
A claw hammer.
Skill saw, a good brand name.
Chop saw.
Nail gun.
Square set.
A staple gun.
Tile and slate cutters.
Roofing hammer.
Screw gun.
Hilti steel concrete nail gun.
Electric drill.
Saber saw.
Multi meter
Plyer set
Screw driver set
Hammer chisel
Pipe duct glue
Hole saw.
Insulation saw.
Face mask
Body kit
Safety glasses to protect eyes.
Plaster board saw.
Plaster board drill and screws.
Plaster board hoist,
SDS drill and bits
Steel trowel
Wooden float
Snips and metal cutters
Paint roller set.

Most all these tools can be found and delivered by Vail Equipment rental!


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