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Painting Equipment

Painting a house is not the easiest of tasks. It requires you to have the right painting equipment in place for effective and fast painting job. Buying all the items that you need may be a waste of money especially if you only have one building that you would like to paint. Renting is a good alternative that you can take. Here are tools you can rent for your painting job.


There are always those hard to reach areas that require you to have a ladder. Depending on the height, you can decide to rent a ladder or a scaffold. Choose an extension ladder where you can adjust the ladder’s height. A scaffold is great for high ceilings. You can stack several together to reach your desired height.

Paint sprayer

The paint sprayer is a portable piece of equipment that makes painting easy for extensive painting jobs. Most paint sprayers are mounted on wheels for ease in portability. It is a perfect equipment for professional spraying jobs and where you need to do several paint coatings.

Cordless paint sprayer

If you are performing small painting jobs or touch ups on the exterior or interior walls, a cordless paint sprayer would work for you. You just need to charge the battery, put your paint on its reservoir and you are good to go.

Wallpaper steamer

If you have vinyl or wallpapers that are hard to remove, you need the steamer to remove the quickly and prepare the wall for painting. It comes with a motor for powering up and can be carried around with ease.

Twist and reach pole

When those ceilings can be reached without so much effort, the twist, and reach pole can be used. It is made of a paint rollers and an extension pole. All you have to do is to dip it into the paint and roll it over the ceiling surface.

Grid buckets

Grid buckets come with a grid for placing those brushes and draining the excess paint. They help do away with the need for several pails to handle your tools and paints. The buckets also come pour spouts and slide out stabilizers.

Drywall lift

If in the course of your painting you will need to remove some fixtures or install a dry wall, you need equipment to lift them to or from the wall. A drywall lift comes adjustable heads to fit any size of item that needs lifted onto the wall.

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