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At Home Projects for next Weekend

The weekend is here again, are you looking for home projects that won’t break the bank or your back? Did you know you can save some money and improve your home without much professional help? All you need is some instruction and tools and you are good to go. Here a few quick weekend home projects:


You do not have to be much of a professional to paint your home. You can paint your house’s interior, exterior, and the trim. You can also redo the accents on the wall on the inside. The kitchen cabinets, tapping around windows and the ceiling cutting can also do with a fresh coat of paint.

Choose the kind of paint to use, the color and use free online calculators to estimate how much you need. You can rent pretty much all of the tools you need especially the ladder, painting roller and much more here at Vail Equipment Rental.

Updating your light fixtures

You do not need an electrician to change your basic lights or chandeliers. It is quite easy to do with, with the correct materials. Shop online or at the store and you can find affordable lighting fixtures. You can install one in less than thirty minutes, using manufacturer’s directions or Youtube videos. However, if the installation requires you to remove the bulb holders or rewire, call an electrician instead.

Create or tend to your garden

If you have some space in the backyard, utilize it by creating a garden where you can have fresh supplies of vegetables and herbs. Ideally, look for an area where the soil is well drained and does not have rocks. Use a hoe or a tiller to bring it to fine soil. You could also create raised beds with paths along the beds. Seeds can be bought at the local agricultural stores.

Outdoor fire pit

You could create a simple fire pit in the back yard by using an old repurposed washing machine drum. The drum has small holes all over the surface and only requires the stands. You can get a drum cheaply at the local salvage yards. Alternatively, dig a hole in the ground and stack stones together.

Organizing your closet

If your closet is in a mess you can put it in order this weekend by installing shelves and arranging everything neatly. You can also buy baskets for storing your dirty clothes. You require a drill to create holes for the shelf support, a hammer, tape measure and a screwdriver. You can buy shelves at local stores.

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