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Equipment Rental Vs. Purchasing

Equipment rental vs. Purchasing is always a debate. Whether it’s time to get that small piece of equipment that is going to finish the job, or you find yourself needing to clear the land, you have to make one singular decision- Do I BUY or RENT?

There are a few things you should consider when making this decision:

1. Is it economically feasible to purchase equipment at this time. Most projects include one or more pieces of equipment depending on the job size and scope. Will you get a long term return on purchasing equipment, or is it a one time use. If you do buy it, will you finance it or pay cash. What is the resale value of that equipment, and are you willing to take that loss. Then equipment rental is more feasible.

2. Management and maintenance of equipment can be costly. Is the piece of equipment you are buying going to need constant maintenance for working properly? Such as oil changes, blade replacement or new tires. All of these cost are absorbed by your rental company. If maintaining equipment is not familiar to you, do not attempt this yourself. You may find incorrect maintenance may lead to improper working equipment.

3. Delivery and storage are also important factors to remember. If you plan on purchasing equipment, where will you store it? You may need constant cover to protect vital parts and maintenance items. If you plan on moving the equipment around the South East Tucson area, do you have the proper trailer or facility for transport.

Here at Vail Equipment Rentals, we pride ourselves on offering top rated equipment that is well maintained and ready for delivery here in the South East Arizona area. If your not sure on a specific tool, or if you need tools delivered contact us immediately.

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