How to Rent Equipment

How to Rent Equipment…

So you are planning on executing a large construction project, but you currently do not have all equipment required for a certain project. If you need to use a piece of expensive equipment, such as a jackhammer or backhoe for a short period, renting it may be the right proposition for you as compared to buying.

Many companies and service providers, including your local hardware store, as well as specialty rental companies provide equipment for hourly or daily rentals. You can rent almost any item from them regardless of size, depending on your current needs.

Before you can rent any equipment, you will need to consider the following factors;

Reservations: You need to establish whether the company you want to lease from requires you to make a reservation. For those that allow reservations, they will allow you to make online reservations, make payments, as well as schedule the deliveries to your residence.

Security Deposits: Some contracts will require you to make a security deposit. The amount payable is dependent on the total amount of time you would like to use the equipment for, or can also be dependent on a percentage of the equipment cost.

Safety: Safety is a very big and significant consideration when you are looking to rent any equipment. There are service providers that will provide you with basic training on how to use the equipment. The training course will cover erecting, dismantling, scaffolding and operating the backhoe.

Add-ons: Depending on the company you lease the equipment from; you could also be expected to make payments for some optional or mandatory charges. The charges could include environmental and fuel surcharges.

Regulations: Whenever you need to use rental equipment, you will need to understand all local and state laws that govern the usage of such a tool. For instance, some states will limit the length of time that a diesel-powered self-propelled vehicle should be left idling.

Equipment Maintenance: When it comes to equipment maintenance, it depends on the length of time that you will be using that equipment. Long term contracts may come with a clause requiring you to not only maintain the equipment but also conduct repairs where necessary.

Sharing: It is tempting to rent an individual tool or machine and then share the costs with your friend or neighbor. However, this is often more trouble than it is worth, and you will, therefore, find that some contracts actually forbid this practice.

Whenever you need to lease equipment, you will need to ensure that the service provider has good customer service practices. You should be able to reach someone if you require some help operating the equipment, or there is a problem with it.

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