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Safety on Do It Yourself Projects

When Do it yourself projects can be physically dangerous or how to be safe

It is now possible to do a several repairs and constructions at home with light power and hand tools. DIY projects lower the costs of light construction and repair projects. However, they may expose you to injury if not done correctly. Here are ways to stay safe during your DIY project.

Use ladders that are stable and high enough

DIY projects that involve climbing up there are some of the most dangerous DIY projects. Unfortunately, most people use ladders that are not stable and that are too short to reach the intended areas. This makes the user to over extend their body thereby becoming unstable. Always use ladders that are stable and high enough for your next painting, ceiling repair or cleaning your roof among others.

Use power tool correctly

A large number of accidents result from light power tools such as saws, drills, hedge trimmer. Thanks to the ergonomic design, most of the tools can be held with much ease when working with them. Never hold power tools with one hand. In addition, use each tool for its rightful purpose. For example, never use a circular saw to trim a tree.

Never attempt electrical projects if you are not conversant with them

If the electrical job you want to undertake is more than changing a bulb or plugging a charger into an outlet, consider hiring a qualified electrician. Working on electrical distributions or electronics may expose you to the risk of electrocution and make cause fires.

Get the safety gear on

Many injuries that result from DIY projects involve ear damage, injury to the eyes, or injury from dropping items. Ensure that you have your safety gear on whenever handling your DIY projects. The gear include the ear protection, glasses to protect your eyes, wearing  closed toe shoes, avoiding loose clothing and covering your head with a helmet.

 Know how far you can go

If you are not sure what should be done, you should probably call a professional. You do not know how to use a tool or are undertaking a dangerous task just stop.

Have a first aid kit nearby

It is easy to prick your finger with a sharp edge or bang your thumb. These and other minor injuries can be handled easily using the first aid kit. Ensure that the kit is always stocked.

It is also good to research on ways to complete the project at hand. Knowledge helps prevent many injuries.

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