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When to Rent Tools

When to Rent Tools for Your Do It Yourself Jobs

If you are one of those people who love Do it Yourself (DIY) jobs on the weekend, you know the familiar feeling of being underequipped for a job. DIY jobs are immensely satisfying when done right and also save a lot on costs. Unfortunately, taking on a DIY job without the right tools can only lead to a botched up job.  The best solution is renting tools for specific jobs as it is not sensible to buy seldom used tools as they are expensive to purchase for one-time use.  Equipment like compressors and bush hogs are better rented. What DIY jobs require renting tools?


It is very likely that you will have a lawnmower for maintaining the yard. When it comes to clearing anything higher than 2 feet grass, the lawnmower is not the right tool. You will need something with higher cutting power like a bush hog.  This is ideal for clearing slightly dense and forested vegetation that has grown on that neglected patch.

Wall extensions

Sometimes you will need to pull down walls, put them up where there were none and other wall modifications. Working with stone is not the easiest of tasks. You will most likely require a pneumatic hammer and chisel which will require a compressor. Very few people keep a compressor at home so you will be better off renting one at the nearest hardware store.


Plumbing is one of the trickiest DIY tasks for a non-professional. When it involves clearing major blockages, your drain hand pump would be woefully inadequate. A heavy duty drain cleaner is your best aid. This is a powerful tool with a mechanized snake that can be controlled by a gear.  It is also unlikely you would want to buy this kind of machine so the best option is renting.


Apart from dangling from heights, roofing presents challenges in getting equipment onto the roof, and nailing down roofing material quickly. You would need a hydraulic lifter to get lumber onto the roof and a pneumatic nailer if the lumber is well matured and tough to nail. These two pieces of equipment can be easily rented from your local building contractor.


If you have a metal shed to build, some welding will be needed.  If you are doing arc welding you will need a heavy voltage transformer for a power supply and other welding equipment.  You could rent the equipment, but better yet have a professional welder standing by just in case anything goes wrong.

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