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Whether at home, in the basement, or at a remodeling site, DeWalt’s 5.8 amp jig saw makes cutouts the way they should be: quick and hassle-free. Vibration-dampening rubber grips soak up the shocks, making it easier to hold the line, and the counterbalance design places the weight squarely over the shoe. Need a fast cut? Flip the orbital adjustment switch to position four (maximum swing) and cruise through material at up to 3,100-inch-long strokes per minute. For more precise cuts in high-visibility areas, use the zero setting (orbitless motion) for a cleaner edge. Thanks to an adjustable blower on the right side, sawdust is whisked out of the line of sight, a feature we always appreciate in a jig saw. The shoe locks on this saw seem sturdier than the one on DeWalt’s cordless model and the shoe easily adjusts–with a tool-free lever–to slide forward or backward for flush cutting, and also bevels 45 degrees to both sides. No wrenches are required to change blades, either: simply pull and turn the top, remove the old blade, and replace it with the desired universal or T-shank–a handy, time saving design that is unique to DeWalt.

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